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De India

De India

Cover-up on a french beach

Cover-up on a french beach

Après une semaine sans internet, j'ai enfin récupéré une connexion dans ma chambre ici a Kanpur où je suis bien arrivée et où tout se passe très bien (cf catégories "Kanpur").

Voici un article toujours du Times international datant de la semaine dernière ( 2 août 2006):

Cover-up on a french beach.

"Paris is proud of its spirit of exhibitionism, so the front pqge newspapers headline last weekend that the city's man made beach was enforcing a ban on thongs and bare breasts came as a bit of shock.

Not only that, the article in the tabloid Le parisien reported, but the police might go so far as to hand out a 48dollars fine for anyone who refused to cover up.

"Heat wave or not, appropriate dress is required" the article proclaimed. Even if the thermometer hits 98 degrees in the shade, it added, "young women in search of cool relief are requiested to stay decent and not expose their bodily forms to the eyes of passers-by"

This being France, there are rules for every sort of behaviour. And this being France, even when there are rules, they may also be tolerance when they are broken, particularly when it come to beach attire.

On  paper, there has been all along a four chapter code of conduct governing Paris-Plages, as the sand in the city installation is known. Among the rules are bans on political, commercial, religious or union demontrations; unauthorised freelance entertainement (fire eaters and jugglers for exemple); activities that are "dangerous" or "contrary to public order" like gambling and "indecent dress (nudity thong, monokinis etc)"


"We've a soft system  of security here " said Yvan Hinnemann, a manager of Paris-Plages. "It's a matter of prevention. This is a space of freedom, but if people want to see breats, they should  go see Moulin Rouge"