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De India
De India
Seriously, i also speak indian english!

Seriously, i also speak indian english!

Et voilà, c'est officiel....
Je pensais avoir sensiblement amélioré mon anglais, et pouvoir dorénavant m'exprimer naturellement dans cette langue après une année à l'étranger, et même pensais-je avec fierté, être capable de penser en anglais...
Que nenni!!!!

Je viens de découvrir avec stupéfaction que l'anglais que je parle est un indian english (hinglish) et que j'utilise plus de 90% des expressions relevées par Indian samourai sur son blog


I am liking it very much. I am understanding it. She is knowing the answer. à I like it very much.

Let us discuss about this. à Let us discuss this.

They did it, no? / He is here, isn’t it? / She closed the door, did she? à They did it, didn’t they? / He is here, isn’t he? / She closed the door, didn’t she?

A: You didn't come on the bus? B: Yes, I didn't." à A: You didn't come on the bus? B: No, I didn't."

My all closets are empty. à My closets are all empty.

He does this always. à He always does this.

Where you are going? / Tell me where are you going. à Where are you going? / Tell me where you are going.

I only told her to do that. à I Ø told her to do that.

She had so much of work to do that… à She had so much Ø work to do that…

Let’s go out for some ice-cream-ice-cream. / She has curly-curly hair. / You will get used to the humidity slowly-slowly. / Don't worry about small-small things. à Let us go out for some ice-cream Ø.

Seriously / Actually etc., she is a good person. à Ø she is a good person.

What is your good name? à What is your Ø name?

Please do the needful. à Could you help me with this?

Where do you stay?à Where do you live?

I don't take meat/milk. à I don't eat meat / drink milk.

It is really bad. / There is none. à It is worst. / There is less.

Out of station.à Out of town.

Tell me (used when answering the phone) à How can I help you?

T-K. ("theek hai" literally means "fine is") à O-K.

Hotel à Restaurant

Kindly disregard the previous message. à Please disregard the previous message.

My head is paining. –> My head is hurting.

Cover à Envelope ou shopping bag

I got fired today at the office. à I have been given an oral (not written) dressing down by a superior / sacked / dismissed.

To revert à To reply to

Today morning / Yesterday night –> This morning / Last night

Healthy à Fat people

To reduce à To lose weight

Bring it this side. / We went that side. à Bring it here. / We went there.

Metro (for Metropolis) à Big city

When are you shifting? à When are you moving?

Do you have sugar? à Do you have diabetes?

I have BP! à I am suffering from high BP or hypertension.

I met my friend last night. à I spent time with my friend last night.

I also need a blanket. / He was late also. à I too need a blanket. / He was late as well.

Open / Close the air conditioner. à Turn on / Turn off the air conditioner.

Open your shirt. à Take off your shirt.

Current went and came. à The power went out and came back.

You are gifting me a new cell phone? à You are giving me a new cell phone?

Curd à Yoghurt

Batchmate or batch-mate à Not classmate, but a schoolmate of the same grade

Eggitarian à A person who is eats vegetarian food, milk and eggs but not meat

Brother / Sister à Male brother & first cousin / Female sister & first cousin

Deadly à Intense

Hi-fi à Stylish or beyond the perception of the average person

Sexy à Excellent or extremely cool

Gone for a toss. à Something got ruined.

Bucks à Rupees

I had gone. à I went.

I would be going to New York this weekend. à I will be going to New York this weekend.

I have been working since four years. à I have been working for four years ou I have been working since four years ago.

Can you drop me? à Can you drop me off?

Throw it. à Throw it out.

Wish her. à Wish her a happy birthday.

Let's go to city. à Let's go to the city.

I heard that you have written a document on... Could you send me the same? à I heard that you have written a document on... Could you send it to me?

What I did? à What did I do?

I met him five years back. à I met him five years ago.

Arey! C'mon, yaar! Don't be such a killjoy! / Long time no see, bhai. / Ay, bhaiyya! Over here! / How much to go to the train station, boss? /Arey! What a good job you did!, Accha, so that's your plan. 

Pour ce qui est de l’accent, l’accent indien surprend toujours mais au final il est assez proche de l’accent français : inutile donc de vouloir se la raconter avec un accent britannique !

Sources: chillibreeze.com par Dr. Roopa Nishi Vishwanathan et Wikipédia, article de John Lawler.

+ http://indiansamourai.hautetfort.com/"


Décidément l'Inde ne vous laisse pas intact! :)