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De India
De India
Classement des écoles d'ingénieurs.

Classement des écoles d'ingénieurs.

Les IITs classés 3ème parmi les écoles d'ingénieurs du monde.

Source: ndtvprofit.com

"Sunday, October 15, 2006 (London):

The prestigious IITs have retained their number three ranking among the world's 100 best technology universities, where IIMs also find a place.

The IITs, which were on number three slot last year also, came next to MIT, Boston, and California University, Berkeley, both in the US, according to a survey conducted by the Times Higher Education Supplement.

It placed IIMs at number 68, sandwiched between Hong Kong University and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The new technology survey showed academic opinion about the top places for science and engineering and puts IIT ahead of Imperial College, London, which comes in at number four.

However, in last week's rankings by THES on overall global excellence, IIT had slid to number 57, seven places lower than in 2005.

According to a spokesperson of the Times Higher Education Supplement, the latest technology table emerged following an assessment of 3,703 academics, who had been asked to rate universities in their area of specialisation. (PTI) "